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When Veratti will sign for Barcelona?

The Italian representative wants to continue his career in Barcelona, ​​but Paris Saint-Germain does not want to hear about the sale of one of his best football players.

It has been rumored for several weeks that Veratti will continue his career in Barcelona, but Barcelona and PSG have never reached an agreement on fees. The French club wants 100 million euros, while Barca is willing to pay 20 million less.

Spanish news says that Barcelona will send an official offer of 80m euros in the coming days, which will also be the last. Barcelona are not saying that PSG will accept the offer this time, under the pressure of the player, and it is reportedly already decided and when Veratti will be presented as a new reinforcement.

If it is done according to the plan, the Italian playmaker in Barcelona will arrive on July 5th when medical examinations should be carried out, and then the signature of the contract.

However, PSG has the final word, so it remains to be seen in the coming days how the saga will end.

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