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United start negotiations, Zlatan returns to “Old Trafford”

Jose Mourinho is not very pleased with the team’s games during the preparation period, so the “special” has already asked the club’s management to start negotiations on Old Trafford to return Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Swedish is a free player after the expiration of a contract with the United, but so far he is not in a hurry with the signature of the deal, focusing on the rehabilitation of a severe knee injury.

However, Daily Mail reports that the “hell” has already begun talks with this player and insisted that they get a positive response as soon as possible.

“He may stay with us. I know there is no contract at the moment, but he still feels close to Manchester United, ” Mourinho said after returning to England.

In addition to this information goes to the statement of the leaders of the LA Galaxy, who are aware that despite the great desire they will fail to bring Ibrakadabra, who would like to stay in Europe for at least another season. Zlatan is expected to be ready for a comeback in late December or early January, but United would like to sign a deal by November at the latest, to resolve all dilemmas as soon as possible, and Jose Mourinho in the key part of the season to get another Superb reinforcement.

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