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Top 10 Lakers of All-Time

With the retirement of Kobe Bryant on the immediate horizon we thought we’d take another look at the Top 10 Lakers of All-

Time. Currently the Lakers path the Celtics for the foremost NBA championship trophies, however through the years L. A. has dressed no shortage of NBA greats in their purple and gold jersey.The Lakers have won 16 NBA championships, have 21 current Hall of Fame inductees, and can count 8 players who were named to the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players of All-Time in 1996. And we know that number will only grow.

Starting with a basketball pioneer like George Mikan, UN agency redefined the sport enjoying in Milwaukee throughout the primary few years of the NBA, to the mid-century greats like Hun West, Elgin Baylor, and therefore the never-say-die Wilt Chamberlain, UN agency created the Lakers the team to implement west. Then came “ShowTime” and the 1980’s Lakers with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, James Worthy, Jamaal Wilkes, Michael Cooper, and Byron Scott, followed by the three-peat era players such as Shaquille O’Neal, Derek Fisher, , and the already legendary Kobe Bryant. The list to pull from is as long and talented as it is storied.

was deciding who’s not going to make the Top 10 and that became more evident as we worked our way towards the end. We thought a better angle might be to use a consensus format, polling from lists generated by ESPN,, Bleacher Report, our entire staff, along with a L.A. Times

Fan Poll, with each ranking list holding equal weight and averaged across the 5 sources.

We unbroken the final inclusion necessities fairly straightforward. every player had to own compete a minimum of 3 seasons with the Lakers so as to be eligible. Our employees rankings weighed players MVPs and alternative individual accomplishments, franchise records, personal statistics whereas on the Lakers, career numbers, still as player’s roles within the playoffs and championship runs.

During the process we were fortunate that passed Pau Gasol (who is now with the Chicago Bulls) and Kobe Bryant (who has already indicated that this would be his final season), we didn’t have too great dilemma of rating active Lakers players.

With that all same, we have a tendency to gift the highest ten Lakers of incomparable.

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