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This is new Juventus no. 10

It will have a huge burden on the back, many claim that they will pay too much, in the previous club they believe they have done a great job …

It is well known that Firenza has been ruined when Roberto Baggio crossed over more than a quarter of a century from Fiorentina to Juventus. The Tuscany view Juve as the biggest rivals, and again, in the next few days they will sell one of the most talented Italian players.

Juventus will pay Federico Bernardeschi 45 million euros, plus one of the players of Juventus in their choice, Sturaro or Rinkon, eventually having no curse in the players. It is estimated to be a risk, the guy was able to play glistening matches, but also completely sinking, last season in Firenza gave 11 goals in the league and two more in Europe. He also won the senior selection, played for the national squad at the European championship, but nevertheless, most believe he is worth much less. And again, Juventus always has great ratings, Alegri insisted on bringing him in because he can play in more positions in the team, on the right side, like a playmaker, behind the striker, so he can use it in different formations.

Bernardeschi is waiting for a “10” before Del Piero, Tevez and Pogba and will receive a contract of 4 million per season and everyone will watch him through the magnifying glass, precisely because of the price.

In Fiorentina they do not regret, he did not want to extend the contract, he clearly said he wants to Juve although he is among the Violetians since the age of nine.

Fiorentina will be spared by the insults of the fans, namely, he will probably get a few days off, so as not to join the Moeni, as fans will wait for him to the knife until he makes a transfer. Juventus is in a hurry, the team goes to America, and Alegri demands that Bernardeschi, as soon as she signs the contract, immediately sits on the plane and with Rugani, who also has an extended vacation, goes over the pier and joins the team.

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