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Mourinho admitted he was disappointed by a footballer

Manchester United has a stronger team than last season, but manager Jose Mourinho has admitted to the media that this summer there was a transfer that disappointed him and surprised him. It's about leaving Andreas Pereira who, as a loaned player, decided to play in the ranks of Valencia, a decision

Red card for Kaka in the new blame of the VAR system

VAR technology was supposed to help divide football justice, but as the days go by, the number of farce and funny situations created by video review is increasing. The last such case is the red card that last night received Ricardo Kaka in a duel between New York City and Orlando

NFL “legalizes” marijuana?

The NFL League leaders and the NFL Players' Association work together on a research that would potentially allow the use of marijuana in player therapy. Many studies have confirmed that marijuana has medicinal properties and helps treat the most severe diseases, but the use of this narcotic drug is officially prohibited

Manchester United fans ripped off after hotels hike prices ahead of UEFA Super cup with Real Madrid

Supporters are fuming that hotels are hard to please an additional 500 to 900 pounds on pre-booked rooms for the UEFA Super Cup in Skopje. Angry Manchester United fans say they're being ripped off when hotels massively hiked the costs of pre-booked rooms sooner than their UEFA Super Cup clash with Real Madrid . As winners of the Europa Cup, United can play Champions League winners Real Madrid at the Phillip II Arena within the Macedonian capital town of Skopje on Tuesday 8 August. But fans

VIDEO: Pogba with move of the night

France defeated England by 3:2 and Paul Pogba has performed one of the moves of the evening. To make things even more interesting and viral on the island, is the fact that the victim was Gary Cahill, Chelsea rival player.