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Difference between McGregor and Mayweather

UFC light-weight champion Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather every announce Instagram videos nowadays of themselves within the athletic facility and, wow, their coaching couldn’t look to any extent further completely different. Here is McGregor video: Here is Mayweather video: Wondering why the prevailing notion heading into their August. twenty six confrontation is that McGregor (21-3 MMA, 9-1 UFC) doesn’t stand an opportunity against Mayweather (49-0)? Why Manny Pacquiao says there's no mannerMcGregor can land a important punch? Why Dan Hardy

Connor McGregor training for Floyd Mayweather (VIDEO)

The Star of the Ultimate Fight scene, Connor McGregor, is a novice in the boxing world, but for a spectacular fight with Mayweather is being prepared in a unique way. The Irish fighter in the ring perfected his skills with "deck" cards. With these preparations it announces that it is maximally

VIDEO: Daniel Franco in coma after knockout

American boxer Daniel potentate is in an exceedingly coma when suffering a scarey knockout on Sunday throughout the match. Jose Haro him knocked get into Iowa, and subsequently potentate had within the hospital. Doctors had to place in elicited coma as may operate to avoid wasting his life. He throughout the

VIDEO: Brawl in qualification match between Bosnia and Greece

After the match of qualifying for the World Cup in Russia, between BiH and Greece in Zenica, there was a physical duel between club mates Dzeko and Manolas. After their verbal tension came to a brawl Yannis Janoitas  lost two teeth from punches from Assistant Stefan Gilles. See the chaos of