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Superstar interested to play in “Nuggets”!

The previous season did not go as well because the placement in the playoffs was not provided, although this was not so achievable before the start of the season, given the strength of the West.

Now that might be a little different.

The team is organized in such a way that Nikola Jokic is the head of the team, Paul Millsap arrived, and he could also be a man who is an even bigger star than him.

It’s about Cairo Irving, a man who is looking for a new club because he asked for a trade from Cleveland.

Former his teammate in Cleveland, Mike Miller, said he had already asked if Irving would go to Denver.

“I think I would play for Nuggets, I really think that it would be perfect to play with Jokic and Millsap, I think we would be in the top 4 teams in the West,” said Miller.

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