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Scandalous decision by Kassai: Croatia damaged for penalty (Video)

Turkey and Croatia played quite an uncertain and dramatic match in Eskişehir, but it also got the epithet controversial over a major overthrow by referee Victor Kassai and his assistants.

The Hungarian referee who received countless criticisms last season about the way he damaged Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals with Real Madrid did not celebrate even last night in Turkey because he had no guts to show the white spot in the 10th minute of the match for the guest team.

Namely, Burak Yilmaz, when returning to the penalty area, hit the ball with a hand and prevented a clean goal when Vida was to bow to 0-1, but instead of penalty and exclusion, Kassai made a scandalous decision and left the game to continue. This Hungarian arbitration has caused a series of negative and furious reactions in Croatia, especially if it is known that Turkey has reached a victory with the goal of Tosun in the 75th minute.

With such an event, now four teams in the group I are in the race for the first place, with Croatia and Iceland having 16 points, and Turkey and Ukraine after 14. By the end of the qualification there are two more cars left, and in the same “Cubans” will weigh the forces with Finland, that is, they will be visiting Ukraine in a match that will directly decide on the classification of the World Cup.

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