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SCANDAL – Legend of Barcelona member of a narco cartel !?

Shocking news arrives from the American continent, probably the greatest Mexican footballer of all time is required with a warrant in the US!

It is a footballer who has long been wearing the jersey of Barcelona, ​​Rafael Marquez. Marquez was a longtime representative and captain of the Mexico national team for which he played 143 games and participated in four Mundials.

Among other clubs, Marquez was wearing the jersey of Barcelona and Monaco, and now he returned to his Atlas where he started his career.

Namely, the US police labeled him a collaborator, that is, one of the leading people in the narco cartel, led by Raul Flores. In addition to Marquez, the list includes 22 members of the gang.

Marquez would practically be the man after whom the clan was recognizable. How serious the work shows is that the authorities in America banned any cooperation of US companies with the captain of the Mexican national team.

The lawyer of the footballer has already come out in public.

“It’s crazy, it’s been a professional footballer for 20 years, you’ve earned a fortune, do you really think that you would do something like that,” his lawyer said.

The legendary captain of Barcelona for seven seasons, played 160 matches and won four titles.

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