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Ron Dennis sold all shares in McLaren

McLaren’s F1 team announced that it was officially ending all relations between the team and the former executive director Ron Dennis, who had already sold the shares in both companies – McLaren Technologies and McLaren Automotive. The new holding company “McLaren Group” will bring together two companies in one, and the executive director of the new company will be Sheikh Mohammed bin Esa Al Kalifa.

According to “Sky Sport” from the sale of shares in McLaren, Ron Dennis will receive 275 million pounds. After 37 years of age in McLaren, Ron Denis announced that he will start with new activities.

“Whatever you said, my 37 years in McLaren should be viewed as one chapter in the book of McLaren. By the way, I only give them success to them. Now that my era in McLaren is over, I can begin to study with other programs and activities. I’m suspicious of what the hell I’m on the forefront of such a long time, “said Ron Dennis.

The division between Ron Dennis and McLaren came after a series of underachievements that they had with most of the shareholders around the way of management and the future of the team.

Dennis’s career in auto-moto sport began in the 1960s as a mechanic in Cooper, in 1981 he took over the leadership in McLaren and was the team’s head until 2009 when he handed over the role of Martin Vitmarsh.

In the era of Ron Dennis, McLaren recorded the greatest successes in Formula One, winning ten championship titles with Niki Lauda, ​​Alan Prost, Airton Sena, Mika Häkkinen and Lewis Hamilton.

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