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Real Madrid defend the title in Super Cup in Skopje, Casemiro scores from offside

Real Madrid deserved to lead 1-0 at the Super cup of Europe after Real Madrid dominated the pitch and led the way to Casemiro’s goal.

The Brazilian had a good chance after Kroos corner, when he shook only the beam, but then in the second opportunity he indicated he did not make a mistake, placing the ball in the net after the wonderful addition of Carvahal. Real Madrid’s player was in a small offside, the assistant referee did not notice it, so the goal was acknowledged by the main arbiter Rocchi.

At the start of the second half, Isco increased the European championship lead to 2-0. After a double pass with Gareth Bale, the liaison player came out alone in front of David De Gea and routinely hit the opposite corner.

Manchester United began to play with boldness only after receiving two goals. Mourinho ordered an offensive, and that resulted in a goal. Just one minute after Gareth Bale struck the beam, on the opposite side, Romelu Lukaku shoot Kaylor Navas’s network. Matic shuffled towards the goal, Navas refushed the ball, struck Lukaku and reduced to 2-1 in the 62nd minute. The Devils got the impulse and set off a second goal for leveling.

In the 80th minute, Rashford had an excellent chance, coming out alone in front of the goalkeeper, but Kaylor Navas defended his strike. In the end, on the court came the biggest star, Cristiano Ronaldo, who still started the match from the reserve bench. Asensio threatened to score a third goal in the referee’s disqualification, but De Gea regained excellence. However, the “king” also defended the crown in Skopje.

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