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PSG president reveals: Mbappe choose us for one reason

PSG has definitely left a mark on the transfer market this summer, which will be reviewed for years.

They brought Neymar from Barcelona for 222m euros, and then managed to hire the young supercar from Monaco, Mbappe, on loans with an obligation to buy the contract next year for 180m euros.

Although it may not be for belief, however, PSG is not the club that offers Monaco the best conditions for transferring the supersaturated 18-year-old footballer. Thus, Nasser Al Kelaifi, the head of the “Saints”, claims that in a conversation about the French media he spoke about the spectacular transfer.

“It was the wish of every big club, but in the end, we managed to bring it in. Our offer was not the biggest thing for him, because I know that some clubs in Monaco offered him more money,” said Al Kelaifi, who then revealed why Mbappe decided to move to Paris.

“We explained to Mbappe our club project and we have aligned our plans and ambitions. After all, he is a Frenchman, a Parisian and brings this club in the heart. Mbappe wants to write a history, and have you seen his pictures 10 years ago? He likes from PSG a little and dreams of playing for our club. Believe me, we did not “throw” money and we know who we brought to our club. ”

Al Kelaifi did not want to reveal the names of the clubs that offered more money than PSG, but probably those are Real Madrid and Manchester City. Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona …

Mbappe has arrived in PSG on a one-year loan, after which the club from Paris officially redeemed his contract, and already scored a goal for the new club for the new club, and assisted in the home victory over Metz (5:1).

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