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NFL “legalizes” marijuana?

The NFL League leaders and the NFL Players’ Association work together on a research that would potentially allow the use of marijuana in player therapy.

Many studies have confirmed that marijuana has medicinal properties and helps treat the most severe diseases, but the use of this narcotic drug is officially prohibited in all sports.

On the other hand, it is a public secret that a large number of players playing in the US NBA and NFL league, including big stars, consume marijuana, mostly because the penalties for using marijuana are fine, and the suspensions are minor.

The NFL has previously raised their own research on the possibility of using marijuana as therapy and awaiting an official response.

“We rejoice in the cooperation with the Players Association on every topic that concerns the health and safety of players,” said NFL Executive Vice President Joe Lockhard.

The initiative led by the leaders met with various public comments, mostly with a negative connotation.

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