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Mourinho decide to spend cash for another Swedish player

Ivan Perisic is the great desire of Jose Mourinho and this is not a secret, but Inter does not give up. Seeking 55 million euros for the services of his football player, United simply does not plan to pay them.

As “Special” has stated that he wants two more players, one midfielder and one winger, it is clear that the search continues.

It seems that Perisic has completely given up, as allegedly Manchester is ready to pay RB Leipzig’s big money for the services of their footballer Emil Forsberg.

The Swedish had a brilliant season in the Bundesliga, with 18 assists being the best in the league in that segment, and for a long time it was also valid for Milan’s desire.

However, “Rosoneri” offered “modest” 25 million euros for his services, and the German club’s management flatly refused.

That’s why the United team is getting ready now, they are ready to offer even more than twice as much as 50 million euros for the Swedish national team!

What goes in support of the whole situation is the fact that Leipzig’s player agent, the man who represents, and Victor Lindelof, the former Benfica defender that this summer was the first reinforcement of the “Red Devils”.

We will see how things will develop, Leipzig has refused and for 80 million euros from Liverpool for Naby Keita, we will soon find out whether they are immune to this offer of Manchester United.

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  1. It’s very difficult for non English players to adapt to English league, Dier would be perfect and Mourinho should really press a deal for him rather.

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