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Manchester United fans ripped off after hotels hike prices ahead of UEFA Super cup with Real Madrid

Supporters are fuming that hotels are hard to please an additional 500 to 900 pounds on pre-booked rooms for the UEFA Super Cup in Skopje.

Angry Manchester United fans say they’re being ripped off when hotels massively hiked the costs of pre-booked rooms sooner than their UEFA Super Cup clash with Real Madrid . As winners of the Europa Cup, United can play Champions League winners Real Madrid at the Phillip II Arena within the Macedonian capital town of Skopje on Tuesday 8 August.

But fans – several of whom reserved edifice rooms months past in anticipation of their team winning the Europa Cup – arumbrageous when hotels in Skopje suddenly inflated their costs. Angry supporters complain that hotels ar rigorous an additional 500 to 900 GBP – per night – to honour the reservations, in keeping with native media reports quoting TV 24, who say they need spoken with fans by phone and have taken statements from them.

Football fans in Skopje are sad that hotels try to fleece supporters and are providing to allow them to keep in their own homes instead. Manchester United fan Nick Horn said: “Many United fans engaged edifice rooms months past, hoping that we’d play in Skopje.

“Now, they’re not respecting the reservations. Hotels are asking us to pay extra cash, as a result of the reservations were created a protracted time past. The fans were told that they can not use the rooms, as a result of they need to pay additional. The excellent news is that there are several smart individuals in Macedonia providing their flats to Great Britain Manchester fans.”

Joseph Drain, another Man United fan, aforementioned supporters couldn’t believe they were being asked to mete outa whole bunch a lot of on rooms they’d already reserved at associate in agreement value. He said: “That may be a ton of cash. we’ve got ne’er spent most cash on hotels and that we are to several countries. Тhis can be immoral. People are given completely different reasons why their building reservations are off. Оne in all the explanationsone building management mentioned was potential terrorist act.”

Officials who monitor building costs in Skopje aforementioned that they were unable to analyze as no soccer fans had complained to them concerning the value hikes. The arguing additionally reportedly moving fans of Real Madrid who also pre-booked building rooms. The Macedonian government has aforementioned that it expects bars, restaurants and hotels in Skopje to conduct themselves with “dignity” within the manner they contend with visiting soccer fans.

They are additionally cracking down on touts who are believed to own picked up a major range of tickets for the UEFA Super Cup within the hope of commercialism them to fans at a large profit. Touts are warned that they face large fines, and probably even jail sentences, if they’re caught illicitlycommercialism tickets.

Both Manchester United and Real Madrid are expected to require around 10,000 fans to Skopje for the match.

Some, frightened off by high costs of 240 to 520 EUR (211 to 475 GBP) per night quoted by native hotels are getting to keep in neighbor Bulgaria or Greece and trip and from Skopje for the match.

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