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Lonzo Ball or “Air Ball”?

A great pimp rose over the engagement of Lonzo Ball by Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, his father Lavar is largely responsible for this.

He also announced that the Lakers will definitely play in the next-season play-off, now that they have Ball in their ranks, and he invited Lebron to join Lakers next summer, so that the “King” could in that way be trophy to be excused from Basketball.

However, for now, his words do not have any exaggerated basis. Lonzo made his debut last night in the Summer League jersey, and it can be said he had a terrible evening.

Except for an attractive allay-up pass to Brandon Ingram, Ball almost did not do anything wisely. The match finished with five points, five assists and four rebounds, and he had an incredible percentage of the shot. He was kicked out of the game 2/15, out of line for three points 1/11.

The Lakers eventually lost the Clippers’ sword, but Lakers could rejoice the great party of Brandon Ingram, the second point from last year’s draft, which scored 26 points, three assists and two steals, as well as two blocks.

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