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LeBron James under investigation by NBA

All those who follow the NBA are aware of the long-standing friendship of LeBron James and the most favorite basketball agent, Rich Paul.

Rich Paul owns the Clutch Sports agency and is an agent of many famous basketball players such as Ben Simmons, Jr. Smith, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and, of course, LeBron James. In the past few years there have been arguable relocations of players who are advocating Rich Paul, which led to the assumption that maybe James has a share in the agency’s decisions.

That’s why the NBA explores the relationship between Clutch Sports and Lebron but finds no connection other than the one in which they function as a client and representative. Given the findings, LeBron James is clean.

The investigation was performed because the NBA rules do not allow players to have shares in any agency agency nor to have financial benefits from any of them.

LeBron James and Rich Paul are friends from high school days, playing together for the team of St. Vincent – St. Mary, from where LeBron was later reorganized, and Rich Paul continued his education at college.

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