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Following is a fierce sanction for Marcelo?

The Brazilian left back, Marcelo, earned a direct red card in a match between Real Madrid and Levante.

Real played 1: 1 against the Levante outsider, and Marcelo at the finish of the match within the third round of La Liga, struck on the back one of the opponents.

The opponent kept the time, Marcelo did not like it, so he acted like many times before, after which he earned a direct red card and was undergoing a fierce sanction from the Spanish football federation.

“AS” writes that for such start-ups, two matches are not punished, but that in the case of Marcelo is more difficult, because the Brazilian showed an excellent intention to hit his opponent with a high degree of aggression.

This means that Marcelo could be sanctioned with 4 matches without a match, and a similar suspension recently earned Cristiano Ronaldo.

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