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Dybala rejects Barcelona, this is the reason

The Juventus player will not be in Catalonia, even if his club accepts the offer!

Spanish media have launched a story last night that Barcelona will not offer money for Dybala because the Argentinian does not want to go to Catalonia.

There is some agreement, although it is verbal, that, in the event of a rude bid by Juve, he leaves the Argentinian, but he is skeptical of his departure to Catalonia. His agent has indicated to Barca leaders that there is no need to negotiate with Juventus.

The reason is simple, Dybala believes that he is not a substitute for Neymar, playing in a different position and is afraid that at Valverde in 4-3-3, especially if Di Maria gets there, it would only be a substitute for the Messi.

In addition, Dybala wants to leave a deeper trace in Juventus, where he is undoubtedly the first star of the team, but also, together with Higuain, the highest-paid player of the Serie A since this year.

The fans are afraid that Juventus will not sell “La Hoja” and simply Bernardeschi declare his successor, but that will not happen.

Namely, Alegri clearly stated that neither Alex Sandro nor Dybala will leave the club, or that they have no desire to leave. He does not ask for a replacement for Bonucci, he believes that the four pistols are enough, although the exchange is still mentioned, Garay-Lemina with Valencia, and what is related to the link, there is no shift around Matuidi. Juve is ready to pay 15 million euros, the French are looking for double.

The media in Italy claim that Maroti is not in a hurry because he has persuaded the club that he should stay on the tour and at Uruguayan Betancourt trainings, so the guy who arrived from Boca will have a chance, maybe there is no need to bring a midfielder.

The option remains Keita for the attack, but only if Lazio accepts a bid of 20 million euros, which Juve will not increase because he has an agreement with a young footballer and he could arrive as a free player next summer.


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