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Doncic and Porzingis in Knicks?

The New York Knicks has been facing a huge crisis for several seasons, and the club’s management plans to try to find a way out of the future by merging the two biggest young stars of European basketball.

The Knicks are already in their ranks Porzingis, and the great desire of this club is to bring the Slovenian “miracle of a child”, Luka Doncic, to the next draft.

This information was published by New York Post newspaper, which claims that New York leaders knowingly sacrifice the upcoming season for a better position in the draft, and then bring Doncic to Porzingis and around these two basketball players to build a team that would attack far away better results than the current one. Doncic himself in a statement to the Slovenian media did not exclude the possibility of moving to the NBA in the future, after this season he expects even more career progress in the Real Madrid shirt.

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