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Diego Costa will continue to “boycott” in Chelsea?

Diego Costa has stayed in Chelsea after the summer pass, and Antonio Conte has put him on the list of footballers who will consider in the Premier League.

Everyone thought that the “axes are buried”, but the reality is completely different. According to the information from the England, Diego Costa does not intend to easily forget about Conte’s way of telling him that he will not count on him in the new season.

The Italian strategist sent him a SMS message to Diego Costa, telling him that he could look for a move. But, considering that Atletico Madrid was not allowed to buy new players this summer, Diego Costa still stayed at Stamford Bridge. The question is whether he will ask the club’s requests to appear at the training and continue with the professional activities.

For now, he is still in his native Brazil, where he left immediately after receiving a text message from Antonio Conte, at the start of the summer preparations. Maybe he will ‘rest’ by January, and then he will be waiting for a transfer to Atletico Madrid, regardless of the consequences.

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