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Dani Alves is moving away from Juventus?

Gonzalo Higuain announce a good bye message to Juventus associate Dani Alves, then quickly removed it from social media. There had already been some speculation the Brazilian would be moving on only one year into his city expertise.
He is reported to need a extended contract, however the Bianconeri aren’t ready to travel too so much, thus a Premier League or Chinese move looks seemingly. Higuain sparked additional dispute once he announce a good-by message on social media.
“It was a pleasure fidgeting with you. I want you the simplest and hope to pay time along once more shortly,” noted Pipita.
However, it had been fleetly taken down, suggesting Higuain had jumped the gun on one thing that wasn’tnonetheless presupposed to be within the property right. Dani Alves has been joined with a move to Chelsea or Manchester City.

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