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Coutinho is mad, but this time the reason is not Liverpool

The Brazilian was not in the team in a disastrous match against City, unhappy about the canceled transfer coming back from Brazil, but already at the start of the Champions League should play for Livepool.

He talked with Klopp, a negative reaction from fans is not expected, and Coutinho is not furious at Liverpool but Barcelona.

He namely had a firm promise that the club will bring this summer and that he will pay the desired price to Liverpool, that is, those 150 million euros. The Brazilian took him “for granted”, so he asked to be placed on the transfer list, but also refused to play during the preparation period.

Subsequently, Barcelona argues that the claims of the Reds were unreasonable and that about 200 million euros were needed for Coutinho.

Liverpool dismissed him, saying that Barcelona never made a fourth plus and that they did not reach 150 million.
This suspicion began to “catch” Coutinho, he now believes that the Catalans had covered the given promise and simply gave up, that they felt it was not worth it, although through the manager persuaded the other.

The question remains, what exactly happened, but all the information shows that Liverpool was ready to sell and that Klopp was easy to keep the Brazilian. But in the end he stayed in place, so what brings next summer remains to be seen.

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