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Conte rages in Chelsea, will he be followed by resignation?

It is very easy to come to Chelsea’s Antonio Conte leaving after the last thirty days there have been serious tensions in the English champions’ camp.

English media, referring to the sources from the top management of the club, inform about the tense atmosphere created by Conte himself, due to the poor results in the past period, as well as the unfulfilled promises by the management when it comes to announced reinforcements. According to this information, the Italian expert creates an extremely negative atmosphere, entering a conflict with the players, but also with some of the employees in the club administration.

“This is a situation that Antonio can not bear. He is a very bad loser, when he enters the bad series he’s really crawling. It’s impossible to find a way to calm him down, because he gets angry at the professional headquarters, the players, and everyone who is part of the club, “- revealed by Chelsea.

In the London club they are ready for the “black scenario,” for Conte to “shoot the film” and go on his own as it was with Juventus a few years ago. The Italian is aware that he does not have the management support after allowing Romelu Lukaku instead of Chelsea to move to Manchester United, and the negotiations on Alex Sandro and the other players that Conte wants to see at Stamford Bridge are slowly going on. On the other hand, management is furious with the coach because of the way he settles the situation with Diego Costa, thus destroying the price of the Spanish goalkeeper.

Chelsea unexpectedly lost the Premier League’s Premier League season, home to Burnley, previously left without a trophy, and in the Comuniste Shields match with Arsenal, and played poorly on a tour in Asia. The problem is that in the next round, the “blue” is visiting Tottenham Hotspur, where a possible defeat will mean further tension between the Conte and the club’s leadership.

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