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“Citizens” steal Real Madrid player from Chelsea

Antonio Conte will remain without any further coveted reinforcements after Real Madrid’s right-back, Danilo, instead of Stamford Bridge will be transferred to Manchester City.

Chelsea is seriously heated for this football player as a solution to the right position, Danilo even agreed to Chelsea’s personal conditions, but the two clubs failed to find a common language.

This was used by Pep Guardiola to express an agreement with Real Madrid for engaging the right back who is not part of Zidane. City bosses agreed to pay 30 million euros, plus an additional five million euros through several clauses, after Florentino Perez and Zinedine Zidane gave the green light to the departure of the Brazilian defender.

Danilo will be the second right back that the “Citizens” will carry in this interim period after having previously arranged the transfer of Kyle Walker from Tottenham. Negotiations are underway for a new left back, with Guardiola’s priority being the arrival of Mendy from the ranks of Monaco.

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