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Celtics completed starting five

The Celtics have done a good job this year.

They first traded the first pick on the draft for the third and second round picks from the next draft, then selected Jayson Tatum from the third place, and for the moment it is shown that they did not make a mistake.

The young winger ¬†has great games in the Summer League, it seems that the season will be a good boost to the season. In addition to him, Celtics hired the starting “three”, Gordon¬†Hayward from Utah arrived, a great shotman would be of great help to Brad Stevens, with whom he also worked in college. The rest is to hire a single center so that they can transfer Horfod to the “four” position, or simply to hire a wing center and Horford to leave the “five”.

Celtics seem to have decided to do the second variant, replacing Avery Bradley’s great defender for Markus Morris of Detroit Pistons. The twin brother of the Washington Wizards Markif had a very good first season in the “Motor City”, but the past year’s championship was slightly defeated, as did the rest of the company, Van Gandy. However, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of reinforcements for the Celtics, so that besides their exceptional athletic abilities, they can be adorned with a great shot.


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