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Barcelona is switching to “Plan B”

The rapture could be bad for both one and the other, Coutinho himself is almost messy. He is explicitly wishing to go to Barcelona, ​​in poor relations with the bench, and the Reds have rejected a new offer.

It is more difficult for Barcelona to think that Liverpool will think, more accurately, that he will see no advantage from the disgruntled player, but has prepared the plan “B”!

Many believe that this would be a better solution, that two players would bring money for the money they invested in Coutinho.

They are Angel Di Maria, who is strongly opposed by Leo Messi. Argentines are great friends and Messi thinks Di Maria could best replace Neymar.

The other is Jean Michaël Seri, whom we talked about, whoever likes Liverpool, the guy whom he marked Xavi as his successor. This 26-year-old Nice player is for sale, the sum would be around 30 million, and Barcelona could save if he brought the two players mentioned.

In addition, there is still an option with Aubameyang, which would practically bring in three players for the money they received from Neymar.

They still did not give up on Coutinho, but it is never too late, the Catalan media even think that if the Brazilian played a worse season for Liverpool his price was much lower next year.

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