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Angel di Maria: We are waiting Neymar

Angel Di Maria for the media in France confirms the speculation that Neymar is negotiating a move from Barcelona to PSG.

Argentinean player confirms that he is expecting Neymar and will send him a warm welcome, but before all the work has to be completed by the managers, the trainers and the two clubs.

– It depends on the managers and the trainers, the players do not decide for their future. Any footballer who will arrive in the team, no matter where he / she is accepted, will be with Neymar. That’s because PSG is a huge team that wants to win titles, “Di Maria said.

There are huge doubts about the possible transfer of Neymar to PSG in the media, and those who are well aware claim that the transfer “catalysts” will receive unbelievable 222 million euros.

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