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Alexis Sanchez officially filed transfer request

Arsenal’s poor news, as if they had no end, “Gunners” after both defeats at the start of the season sold Oxlade Chamberlain to rival Chelsea yesterday, and the cover of everything was Alexis Sanchez’s move, which officially filed a transfer request tonight.

The Chilean did not hide that he was unhappy and during the summer, he joined the preparations late, then did not perform at the first two meetings of the season, and after the comeback against Liverpool, he was extremely disappointed. Arsène Wenger has repeatedly repeated on several occasions that Alexis will not be sold, but the transfer request may change the overall situation.

Unlike Coutinho and Liverpool’s refusal, Sanchez has only one more season since Arsenal’s contract, so the “Gunners” would keep an unsatisfied player, who next summer would leave without any damages, the risk for which the London club It will take an hour to make a decision.

The Chilean is also decisive for his next destination – insisting it be Manchester City after having rejected both Bayern Munich and PSG. “Citizens” are willing to pay 60 million pounds to bring it into their ranks, but Arsene Wenger is in the move, who is aware that Alexis’s departure will mean an even greater reduction in chances in the high-ranking fight for the table.

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