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5 reasons the UEFA Super Cup is a must watch

The European Super Cup is playing on Tuesday, August 8, in Skopje on the “Telekom Arena” between Real Madrid, as a winner in the Champions League and the Europa League winner, Manchester United.

Many say that this game is of no greater significance, that it is just a reunion of the two club champions last year, but that’s not the case. Big teams always want to fill their cabinets with even more trophies, and in particular come to significance if they are conquered by a giant. The competition has more meaning when there are big clubs in it. This time, Real Madrid and Manchester United, which means that the match can not be more prestigious. The “Sportskeeda” website presents the five reasons why you must watch the game.

1. Clash of the two biggest clubs in the world

From the financial side, there is no doubt that the world’s richest clubs will meet, who make the biggest profit each year, sell most jerseys and have the largest number of fans in the world. There are no major football brands from Real Madrid and Manchester United, and their reputation and financial power confirm this.

2. Familiar territories

The two clubs connect several celebrities who will appear on the Super Cup in Skopje. Jose Mourinho, current manager of Manchester United, was coach of Real Madrid by 2013. Cristiano Ronaldo was a football player of the “Red Devils”, and in 2009 for that time a record transfer moved to “Santiago Bernabeu”. The new speculation says that the Portuguese could return to England and carry United again, mostly because of the tax problems that he has in Spain. From the team that Jose Mourinho trained in Madrid here are Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, Rafael Varane, Marcelo and Luka Modric.

3. Debuts

Manchester United led three players this summer, Romelu Lukaku, Viktor Lindelof and Nemanja Matic, and are expected to make their debut with Jose Mourinho. Real Madrid was not active on the transfer market as in the past, so this summer bought only what it really needed. He stepped up with Theo Hernandez in the left-back position, while the best footballer of the European Youth Championship, Dani Ceballos  of Betis, was brought in. It is expected that all these players will have their official debut in their new clubs precisely at the Super Cup.

4. Different results in the pre-season

Both teams had different results in the preparation period. Zinedine Zidane’s players played only four games, which won him not once in 90 minutes. They lost to Barcelona and Manchester City. Manchester United played seven matches and did not win just against Barcelona. “The Red Devils” have already played interestingly against a “kings,” as part of a US tour of the “International Cup of Champions”, which ended 1-1, and the English team celebrated in penalties.

5. The match itself

Given the fact that Real Madrid will play against Manchester United, in itself is the main reason why you can not miss this game. When Gareth Bale strikes, Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, Sergio Ramos and Marcelo (Cristiano Ronaldo will not play) from one side, on the other are Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, David de Gea , Henrikh Mkhitaryan and others, then it is a real football holiday that must not be missed.

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